We will guide you through the basic elements that every Instagram post and Instagram image should have. We will also give you tips on how to make the best content for your brand.

After many years of publishing content on Instagram, we managed to identify the common features of our most successful posts.

5 Most Important Elements of The Great Instagram Post

1.      High Quality Content

This is Instagram 101 – the visuals are ALL. Instagram images are the most important part of your profile. If you do not publish high-quality visual content, then you do not have much to offer on this platform and will not stand out in the sea of ​​other branded content.

Not every brand will have a budget for expensive equipment, a professional photographer or a video team to create quality Instagram images. Even renting a DSLR camera or engaging a freelancer can make a difference.

Choosing the right color palette is different for each brand. Some studies show that blue shades over red one will bring you more likes. But we found that quality, significance and consistency make the biggest difference.

Our advice: Try using Photoshop or PowerPoint to modify your photos instead of relying only on standard Instagram filters.

2.      Powerful Headlines

Although high-quality visual effects are the heart of Instagram, each worthy post will contain a well-designed title. Your title should follow the basic principles of good writing: Be clear, without errors, and include a clear call to action.

There is a trend towards the long title of Instagram in the editorial style. If it makes sense to post, it’s worth a try. As a general rule, unnecessary words should always be excluded in order to be careful about the time audience is willing to share with your content.

Our advice: Turn on the action call in your post that directs people to the link in your bio.

3.      Relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of finding and engaging your Instagram community. If you make your content discoverable, you have more chances to attract new followers and get more likes and comments. According to the Simply Measured study, posts with hashtag have higher engagement for 12.6% than those without hashtag.

There is no magic number of hashtags to use in a post, but if you use more than 10, it can start to look like spam. It’s always better to be selective and ensure that they are relevant to your brand, industry and campaign. No matter how many hashtags you use, you must always hide them in comments or use a line-break to avoid a mess.

Our advice: Always double-check the hashtags to make sure they are connected with the topic.

4.      Community engagement

If you want your community to engage with you, then you also need to get involved. Instagram realize that building a community through reciprocal involvement in the story is one of the best ways to increase your followers. You should reply to all comments with as much useful information as possible.

Using Instagram to publish great news is an effective way to build a community and engage your superfans. This is something that famous celebrities really do well and something that brands should use more.

Our advice: Try to make an event preview or exclusive ” behind the scenes ” photos or video clips on Instagram.

5.      Follow the recommended specifications and dimensions

If you’re making a video or photos for a social networking campaign, then you should know some of the guidelines for social network you intend to upload content to. The content should be specifically designed for the channel to be as efficient as possible.

Instagram provides technical specifications that should be followed by all posts. Here are the best practices for Instagram video:

Length 15 seconds

Up to 20 words per video frame

Square format

Optimized to watch without sound

Our advice: Create your Instagram content for mobile devices.

By following these rules and making sure your post has all five elements, you are on the safe path to creating the most successful Instagram posts and Instagram images.