We assume that like many other companies you are investing in content marketing. After all, 87% B2B and 86% B2C companies are advertising with quality content.

However, what is the purpose of its quality content if no one can find it? An organic search is an opportunity to constantly display your content to the right audience at the right moment of their search on the Internet. If you manage to optimize the strategy of your search content on the net, you will find that this is profitable both for short and long runs.

In this regard, there are several tips on the best practices that you can adapt to optimize your search content from the start.

Start researching keywords

Optimizing content starts well before you start working on the text itself by researching keywords.

Keywords serve as a coupler with the intent of your clients and an indicator of whether your content has value and meaning for your customers.

When choosing keywords, there are several questions you should ask yourself:

  • How many people are searched based on a given keyword?
  • What is the competition for that keyword?
  • At what stage of the buyer’s conversion is the given keyword?

By researching keywords, at the very beginning of the process, you remain confident that your content is relevant to your audience and influences your business – attracting traffic and conversions in the long run.

Regular Keyword research also allows you to track market changes and changes in the requirements of the same. This should also affect your content calendar.

Choose the type of result that is most important to you

The days passed when Google’s search resulted only as a list of links. Today, Google displays results in a number of variants of the result display format, enabling users to find information faster.

From featured snippets to local packs and videos, depending on the search, Google presents different types of results. Enabling impressions in one type of these results is very important because it allows you to get your content at the top of the search and drastically improve your CTR.

Like most SEO-related issues, there is no unique advice on how to provide positioning in a particular type of result, but there are some steps to optimizing content that can help:

  • Explore which keywords trigger universal types of results: most of these keywords will explicitly or implicitly ask a question
  • Organize your content: Most of the answers are drawn from the paragraph, table, or list of your content. For paragraphs, write your answers clearly and concisely. Also, make sure that your answer is found in the title of the article. For lists and tables, use the correct HTML marker to ensure that Google can search your list or table
  • Be precise and accurate: Google wants to reward websites that offer the most accurate information and complete answers to the question

Organize your keywords by subject

Today, many advertisers stop researching keywords after choosing the words that are primary to them. But that’s just the beginning.

To improve your visibility on the Web, you do not want to optimize content by one keyword, but rather for a group of keywords related to the same idea. Your goal should be to create thematically organized keywords, using associative keywords.

Themes do three things:

  • They point to search engines about what’s happening in your content and how they coincide with the user’s intent
  • They fix the visibility of other relevant content on the site
  • They help avoid an artificial pile-up of keywords, which leads to your content being less relevant and accessible to your audience

When creating a theme, it is advisable to select two to three keywords. It is also very important to select the words that exist in real-time search.

Avoid keywords that are too broad in meaning or whose competition is too great. You want to select those keywords for your topic that are very relevant and can lead to relevant traffic.

Add transcripts to your videos

There are great chances that you will use video content in one way or another. A survey conducted by Wyzowl shows that 81 percent of businesses who use video as a means of advertising – as much as 63 percent than in 2017.

The next time you create a video as your landing page, be sure to add a transcript to that video. The browsers view the text on the page for indexing. The transcript allows search engines to understand the content of your video and position it for the appropriate search terms (keywords).

The transcript will also allow your users to gain insight into whether the content is relevant to them, fixing their user experience.

Remember that once you have a transcript of your video, you can easily convert it to a blog post, content on social networks, etc.

The impact of site loading speed

According to Google’s data, if your content needs more than three seconds to load, you can lose up to 53 percent of your mobile device visits. People do not have the patience for slow loading or bad user experience.

Any kind of braking and they will go to another site.

It’s critical for your content to load pages quickly, on all types of devices.

To make sure your site is fast, Google offers a free PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool not only provides information about what your site’s response to desktop and mobile devices, but also provides recommendations on how to speed up the site.

Photos are important

Regarding the previous topic, did you know that the size of your photos affects the speed of the site?

Before publishing the content, make sure that the size of the photos is good and that they are in a good type of file.   Image optimization does not end here.

The name of the photo, the alt text, and the position of your photo gives you the opportunity to fix your position in search. All three of these elements contribute to better relevance and context of advertising, and the power to help in better positioning.

This also allows for better visibility of your photos in search results.


So, do not let the optimization of the content be something you will be thinking about later. You will miss a lot of traffic and conversion opportunities. If you start optimizing today, you will see profits in the long run.